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HMAS Sydney (D48) war ein nach der australischen Stadt Sydney benannter Leichter Kreuzer der Royal Australian Navy. Sie war einer von insgesamt drei modifizierten Kreuzern der Leander -Klasse, die für die Royal Navy gebaut und Ende der 1930er Jahre an die australische Marine übergeben wurden The battle between the Australian light cruiser HMAS Sydney and the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran [a] was a single-ship action that occurred on 19 November 1941, off the coast of Western Australia The Search to find and identify the wrecks of HMAS Sydney (II) and HSK Kormoran. 2008. Report der HMAS Sidney Search Pty Ltd; Schmalenbach, Paul: Die deutschen Hilfskreuzer 1895-1945. Gerhard Stalling AG, Oldenburg, Hamburg 1977, ISBN 3-7979-1877-1 The action between HMAS Sydney and the auxiliary cruiser Kormoran, 19 November 1941 On the afternoon of 19 November 1941 the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran (Commander Theodor Detmers) was steaming on a northeasterly course off the coast of Western Australia, approximately 150 miles south west of Carnarvon

Sydney, crippled and on fire, steamed slowly to the south returning sporadic fire, still receiving steady hits from the Kormoran. At 1900 hrs, the Kormoran fired a single torpedo, missing Sydney's stern. Although this fierce action had lasted only half an hour, both ships had been dealt mortal blows The Maritime Archaeology department was deeply involved in the discovery of the HMAS Sydney and HSK Kormoran. The WA Museum has since launched an online exhibition and educational portal based on the discovery of these wrecks and the story of the battle. HMAS Sydney and HSK Kormoran were located in March 2008

November 1941, trafen der australische Leichte Kreuzer HMAS Sydney und der deutsche Hilfskreuzer Kormoran im Indischen Ozean vor Australien aufeinander und versenkten sich gegenseitig (siehe Jahrestage auf Modellmarine). Die Kormoran war schon elf Monate auf See und hatte in dieser Zeit zehn alliierte Frachter versenkt und einen gekapert On 17 March 2008 the Australian Government announced that the wreckage of both HMAS Sydney and the German raider Kormoran had been found, approximately 112 nautical miles off Steep Point, Western Australia. Kormoran is lying at a depth of 2,560 metres; Sydney, approximately 12 nautical miles away, is at 2,470 metres HMAS Sydney II was lost with all hands on 19 November 1941 after a short encounter with German auxiliary cruiser HSK Kormoran

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HMAS Sydney passed Kormoran's stern before limping away towards the distant coast. Kormoran fired her last shot at 18:25 at a range of about 11,000 yards. The Germans claim to have fired approximately 450 rounds from her main armament and hundreds from her anti-aircraft batteries. With the gathering gloom the form of Sydney disappeared from view and was last seen by the Germans about ten miles. HMAS Sydney. The Australian Modified Leander class light cruiser sunk on 19 November 1941 by the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran. Overview: This 3D Model and renderings were created for David Mearns book the search for Sydney about his expedition to find Sydney and Kormoran. Walk-around: The Wreck: Part of the illustration work for David´s book was to create an artist impression of. Stündlich neue Top-Angebote! Cormorani: Beste Preise # Exklusive Deal Die Sydney und die Kormoran werden sicher nie zu jenen Zielen gehören, die einmal kommerziell genutzt werden können. Nur noch ein Schatten auf dem Sonar, so stellt sich der ehemalige Stolz der australischen Kriegsmarine, der leichte Zerstörer HMAS Sydney, seinen Wiederentdeckern heute vor. Mit an Bord vermutet man die sterblichen Überreste von 650 Seeleuten, die bei der 800 Kilometer. HMAS Sydney II - HSK Kormoran Action Map Source: Australian War Memorial by G. Hermonm Gill. Of HMAS Sydney's total complement of 645 officer and men, none survived. The only material evidence known to have been recovered from Sydney at the time was an Australian naval-type Carley life raft recovered eight days after the action by HMAS.

HMAS Sydney 1934-1941 Sources J. Collins, HMAS Sydney, The Naval Historical Society of Australia, 1971. T In the course of the engagement Sydney steered towards Kormoran, as if to ram, but passed behind it, exposing its starboard side to Kormoran's guns. 4 Frame, p.148. 5 Frame, p.149. 6 Collins, p.43. 7 Frame, p.217. 8 Olson, p.357. 9 Olson, p.209. 10 Olson, p.355. The Parliamentary. If Sydney was at cruising stations the lowest state of readiness her ragged and late response spelt disaster as Kormoran's main and secondary armament hosed Sydney's decks and armament. shredding Sydney's exposed crew and lightly protected spaces without doubt stripped away Sydney's archives heel her unprotected director control cables and piecing those compartments already registered. Sydney was spotted by the Kormoran's lookouts about 4pm and some of the crew thought it was a sailing vessel because of its high masts. They quickly realised it was a cruiser and were ordered to.

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  1. • HMAS Sydney II • HSK Kormoran • Battle between HMAS Sydney II and German auxiliary cruiser HSK Kormoran. Wreck Co-ordinates • HMAS Sydney II - 26° 14' 37 S 111° 13' 03 E • HSK Kormoran - 26° 05' 49.4 S 111° 04' 27.5 E • Battle Ground - 26° 09' 45.9 S 111° 04' 07.2 E (Later confirmed to be angular basaltic) Media.
  2. Main article: Battle between HMAS Sydney and German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran#Aftermath In Germany, information about the battle was assembled from communications intercepts during the search for survivors, then combined with Allied news articles and published in early 1943 for internal consumption by German officials. [163
  3. For a moving tribute to the sailors who lost their lives aboard the HMAS Sydney II during World War II, visit Geraldton's HMAS Sydney II Memorial. Steeped in symbolism, the Memorial pays homage to the ship's 645 men who lost their lives off of Western Australia's coastline during the battle with German Ship HSK Kormoran. The Memorial's symbolic elements include the following
  4. The Sydney went down on November 19, 1941, with the loss of all 645 crew aboard. The tragedy followed a battle off the West Australian coast with the disguised German raider Kormoran
  5. HMAS Sydney (D48), a Leander-class light cruiser launched in 1934, and sunk following a battle with the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran on 19 November 1941; HMAS Sydney (R17), a Majestic-class light aircraft carrier launched in 1944, decommissioned in 1973, and broken up for scra
  6. Photos of the HSK Kormoran and the HMAS Sydney have emerged 700,000 images were taken during the expedition of the wrecks Both ships lie 2,500 metres deep, 20 kilometres apart from one anothe
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  1. news; Unknown HMAS Sydney sailor is 1 in 100. THE mystery of the identity of a sailor who died when the HMAS Sydney was sunk by a German raider in World War II has deepened
  2. Mr Rudd said the Sydney was found yesterday, about 22km from the Kormoran. I'm advised that the HMAS Sydney was found some 12 nautical miles from the Kormoran, some eight nautical miles from the.
  3. HMAS Sydney II Memorial . Cairn commemorating the battle between HMAS Sydney and German ship Kormoran . The most grievous loss suffered by the Royal Australian Navy occurred on 19 November 1941, when the cruiser HMAS Sydney was lost in action with the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran off the Western Australian coast
  4. HMAS SYDNEY II MEMORIAL & WALL OF REMEMBRANCE HISTORY OF THE HMAS SYDNEY II & THE HSK KORMORAN . By the first few months of 1941, the crew of HMAS Sydney II had already served their country well, winning battle honours for bravery in Mediterranean engagements. The grey cruiser had arrived in Sydney to a heroes' welcome and now, as they sailed off the coast of Shark Bay, perhaps the crew of.
  5. We continued on in our search from HMAS Sydney, but on Friday our track line took us near the Kormoran position and we took the opportunity to do some high resolution work. We did two passes of the Kormoran position on Friday, the second at a 800m swathe and with the fish at altitude 40 meters. Finally we had absolute certainty that we were looking at Kormoran at 26 05 49S 111 04 27E in 2560.

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2015 HMAS Sydney (II) and HSK Kormoran expedition Supporting Partners Member Partners Supporters Specialist Offshore Services | Altronics | Doyalson Wyee RSL (NSW) | Crew of Skandi Protector | Maritime Union of Australia . Each of the two ROVs were equipped with a custom 3D imaging system: x10 Underwater LED lights And a special mounting frame + tonnes of underwater cables . Lighting and. The battle between the Australian light cruiser HMAS Sydney and the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran [1] was a single ship action that occurred on 19 November 1941, off the coast of Western Australia. Sydney, with Captain Joseph Burnett commanding, and Kormoran, under Fregattenkapitän (Commander) Theodor Detmers encountered each other approximately 106 nautical miles (122 mi; 196 km) off. That means that at the time Kormoran fired its guns the HMAS Sydney crews were at their battle stations. What proved to be decisive regarding the fate of the cruiser was the speed and the accuracy of fire from the german raider. It seems that at the beginning of the battle when the shells from Kormoran hit the bridge of the HMSA Sydney they either seriously damaged or destroyed the Command and. KORMORAN then disintegrated. 315 survivors were later rescued and taken to Australia where they became POW. HMAS SYDNEY was last seen ablaze and it is assumed she sank with no survivors. Some wrecked life rafts were found a few days later. (Casualty List - note on casualties) Addendum . CONVOY ESCORT MOVEMENTS of HMS SYDNEY . by Don Kindell . These convoy lists have not been cross-checked with. Main article: Search for HMAS Sydney and German auxiliary cruiser KormoranDespite the approximate last position of Kormoranbeing known (most German accounts giving the battle coordinates as WikiMiniAtlas 26°S 111°E / 26°S 111°E), efforts to find Kormoran and Sydney were hampered by the size of the search area indicated by such broad coordinates, and claims by Australians that the.

Today is the 75th anniversary of the sinking of the HMAS Sydney 2 , off the Western Australian coast, the Raider Kormoran sank the Sydney with all hand on board 645 men, the Kormoran sank as well but 317 were taken prisoners, 82 killed. This month 2 new books will be available to buy. The first book has my fathers story in it, as he worked with Helmut who was on the Kormoran, and dads uncle. These torpedoes were the main reason HMAS Sydney was lost, since at least one hit her in the foreward part of the hull, possibly knocking out her two foreward turrets by the shock and perhaps resulting in a fire near the magazine, which eventually destroyed the ship minutes later. Obviously, Sydney was more than capable of taking on Kormoran under normal battle conditions. Your mission, should. The Search to find and identify the wrecks of HMAS Sydney (II) and HSK Kormoran. 2008. Report der HMAS Sidney Search Pty Ltd Schmalenbach, Paul: Die deutschen Hilfskreuzer 1895-1945. Gerhard Stalling AG, Oldemburgo, Hamburgo 1977, ISBN 3-7979-1877-1

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After attracting the interest of the RAN, Mearns entered into a partnership with HMAS Sydney Search, a not-for-profit company set up to administer and help fund an expedition to locate Sydney and Kormoran. State and Federal government grants totalling just under A$5 million, coupled with private and corporate donations, were used to fund a 45-day search from the end of February to early April. Sydney - Eine Suchmannschaft hat vor Australien das Wrack eines Kriegsschiffs gefunden, das vor mehr 66 Jahren mit 645 Mann an Bord gesunken war. Die HMAS Sydney wurde 1941 von einem deutschen. The sinking of HMAS Sydney II; The sinking of HMAS Sydney II. Thursday 7 November, 2019. In 2008, the wrecks of HMAS Sydney II and the German raider Kormoran were found off the coast of Western Australia. The two ships sank when, on 19 November 1941 they were involved in an unexpected and disastrous clash The Kormoran was a fast merchant ship that was converted at the outbreak of the war to be a commerce-raiding vessel and was armed with four 150mm guns, several 37mm and 20mm anti-aircraft guns, mines, and torpedoes; enough to make it deadly and effective as a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing against commercial vessels, but a very poor match against a warship like the Sydney


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Da gibt es aber noch ein Problem, wieso wurde die Masse der Deutschen gerettet und alle Besatzungsmitglieder der HMAS Sidney kamen um? Gab es da wirklich dieses ominöse japanische U-Boot, das die Überlebenden erschoss? Oder kann man das in das Reich der Legende verlegen? Gruss Rainer. Zitieren; Daniel. Moderator. Reaktionen 85 Beiträge 1.327. 18. März 2008 #8; Das können entweder die Jap The Kormoran, irreparably damaged by Sydney's broadsides, was ordered scuttled by her captain and the crew took to the lifeboats. Only 317 of the Kormoran's 400 man crew were rescued. While Sydney's sinking of the Kormoran was a pyrrhic victory for her crew, it helped eliminate the threat of continued predation on Allied merchant shipping and the lives of Sydney's crew were not lost in. On 19 November 1941 Kormoran sighted and was sighted by the light cruiser HMAS Sydney. Kormoran was disguised as the Dutch Straat Malakka, which she resembled. Ignoring the potential danger of the 360 mines on board, Detmers ordered battle stations. Detmers could not give the secret code of his Dutch ship to Sydney, and replied with 5.9 inch shells instead, taking advantage of the fact that. The Mystery Of HMAS SYDNEY Pt 3 Captain Detmers, of the Kormoran, and Captain Burnett, of the Sydney. Mr Messerschmidt is now 83 and lives in a small, tidy apartment near Kiel in northern Germany. He spent five years in a prisoner-of-war camp in Australia and had many opportunities to rake over the battle with Captain Detmers. A widower with neatly combed white hair and a perfectly ironed.

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The research described in the present article was implemented to define the locations of two World War II shipwrecks, the German raider Kormoran, and the Australian light cruiser HMAS Sydney. The. During this I did a fair bit of research on the Sydney and Kormoran affair. I did an interview with gentleman who's father once served aboard the Sydney, but posted off before the battle on November 19 1941. Nevertheless, he proposed an interesting argument that the Sydney - why there was no survivors was that she was carrying a secret store of poisonous gas - mustard or otherwise. When one of.

Seeking HMAS Sydney How paranormal beliefs delayed its discovery. By Bret Christian. Abridged from an original article in the Skeptic 29(3) September 2009 pages 19-23, which was based on key reports and interviews with leading players. The author is the proprietor, publisher and founding editor of the POST suburban newspapers in Perth, Western Australia. Background information and pictures. HMAS Sydney II Commission of Inquiry: Report on Technical Aspects of the Sinking of HMAS Sydney and HSK Kormoran. Fishermans Bend, Victoria: Maritime Platforms Division, 2009. Fishermans Bend, Victoria: Maritime Platforms Division, 2009 De Kormoran en de lichte kruiser HMAS Sydney kwamen in contact met elkaar in de Indische Oceaan tussen Carnarvon en Geraldton in West-Australi ë. De Duitse raider was vermomd als het Nederlandse vrachtschip Straat Malakka. De bedoeling was om het marineschip te passeren maar de HMAS Sydney kwam dichterbij voor een inspectie. Reddingsboot van de Kormoran op het strand van Carnarvon, West. HMAS Sydney (D48) Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. You need to play a total of 10 battles to post in this section. we cant confirm this as there we no survivors from the crew of Sydney, and from the survivors of kormoran, due to impact this memory has had on his life, only the one came forward decades later to admit it, but the others still deny it. Food for thought! 1 Share this post. HSK Kormoran found on 12 March 2008 . HMAS Sydney found 16 March 2008 . The German Raider HSK Kormoran sank HMAS Sydney II at a location about 290 kms south west of Carnarvon in Western Australia in November 1941. The entire complement of HMAS Sydney II comprising 42 Officers and 603 ratings were all killed as a result of this tragic incident

Curator responsible for the WA Museum's HMAS Sydney and HSK Kormoran program since the early 1980s. It begins with an annotated sequence of some Sydney-related events from November 1941 through to October 1945. Much of this had earlier been provided to the 1997/8 Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Defence Sub- Committee Inquiry into the circumstances of the. In 2008, an expedition led by the not-for-profit Finding Sydney Foundation and shipwreck hunter David Mearns commenced searching for the shipwreck sites of both Sydney and Kormoran.The survey area was defined primarily by archival accounts of the battle related by Kormoran's officers and crew during interrogation.A particularly valuable piece of information was the coordinates provided by. Part I: HMAS Sydney. Part II: HSK Kormoran. The following facts are beyond dispute: A battle occured between HMAS Sydney and HSK Kormoran. Sydney and her crew were lost without a trace, while most of Kormoran's crew escaped before the merchant cruiser sank. Of the details, we have only the sometimes contradictory accounts of Kormoran's crew. According to them, as Sydney drew within 1000. Il Kormoran era un incrociatore ausiliario della Kriegsmarine che trovò impiego come nave corsara durante la seconda guerra mondiale. Conosciuta anche come HSK 8 (Hilfskreuzer 8 - incrociatore ausiliario 8), Schiff 41 e col codice G. Il suo successo è comunemente attribuito alla sua capacità di avvicinamento alle navi utilizzando tecniche di camuffamento, sorprendendo rapidamente le navi. The HMAS Sydney was hit by a German torpedo as well as other gunfire and the crippled burning ship slowly sailed south, away from the Kormoran. Observers aboard the German ship reported seeing the burning Australian ship until 22:00 that night. At some point during the night, HMAS Sydney lost buoyancy and sank killing all 645 sailors on board

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Der deutsche Hilfskreuzer Kormoran Kampfkraft weit überlegenen Marinekreuzer HMAS Sydney mit gnadenlosem Kanonen- und Torpedobeschuss innerhalb von 30 Minuten. Die Sydney sank am 19. HMAS Sydney did not ram Kormoran. Instead, she slipped behind and began to make her way steadily east. By passing astern the raider, Sydney had temporarily placed herself in the 'blind spot. The wrecks of Sydney II and the Kormoran were recently discovered off the West Australian coast by The Finding Sydney Foundation. Acting Prime Minister Gillard praised the Chief of the Defence Force for establishing the Commission of Inquiry which would examine the 66 year mystery of how Sydney II was lost with all hands. More than 600 of our nation's finest sailors and airmen lost their. THE 66-year search for the wreck of HMAS Sydney, on which 645 Australians lost their lives, is almost certainly over. A group of West Australians using just a grappling hook and an underwater camera last weekend found what they are sure is the Sydney, which sank after a battle with the German raider Kormoran on November 19, 1941. Video film of the discovery shows scenes of tangled wreckage.

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HMAS Sydney (again) Brad R. 11. Registered User. Brad R . 11. Post Jan 17, 2010 #1 2010-01-17T03:09. I remember all of the discussions that went on over at the board before the crash about what Sydney was doing, what her CO was thinking etc. Well, about a month and a half ago, I was searching for some info and came across a model site (no, not the swimsuit/lingerie type - model airplanes. HMAS Sydney II - Lost. Sydney sailed from Fremantle on Armistice Day, 11 November, 1941 to escort the troopship Zealandia to Sunda Strait where she was to be relieved by the British cruiser HMS Durban for the last leg of the voyage to Singapore. The voyage was without incident and at noon on the 17 November, Zealandia was turned over to Durban and Sydney then proceeded back to Fremantle. The match will still be played in honour of the 645 brave navy personnel who perished on board HMAS Sydney II in November 1941, when it was sunk off the WA coast by German invader HSK Kormoran. But because of CIOVID-19 protocols there will be no pre-game ceremony or post-game presentation

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The Royal Australian Navy suffered its largest loss on 19 November 1941, when HMAS Sydney was sunk by German auxiliary cruiser, HSK Kormoran. This fateful engagement cost 645 Australian (pictured above) and 82 German lives and has puzzled many as Sydney was the superior ship, a battle-hardened and modern cruiser in contrast to the merchant vessel-cum-raider, Kormoran ↑ HMAS Sydney Search Pty Ltd, Official Press Release: HSK Kormoran Discovered in the Search for the HMAS Sydney II, 16. März 2008 ↑ Prime Minister of Australia, Press Conference: Erklärung des australischen Premiers (Memento des Originals vom 19. Juli 2008 im Internet Archive) Info: Der Archivlink wurde automatisch eingesetzt und noch nicht geprüft. Bitte prüfe Original- und Archivlink. In 2008 Bob Sheppard was asked to join a team searching for dozens of bodies from the HMAS Sydney and HK Kormoran battle supposedly washed up and secretly burie... d on a beach near Steep Point in 1941-1942. In the final interview with ABC Pilbara's Brad Beaumont at 7.10 on Saturday morning, Bob talks about how the plans were abandoned as the main evidence was unsigned 'death bed' letters. This paper examines the mystery surrounding the sinking of HMAS Sydney in the Indian Ocean on November 19, 1941, by the German raider SV Kormoran. All hands on HMAS Sydney were lost—645 men; these men's deaths constituted about one-third of Australia's naval losses in World War II. This cost was unbelievable and unbearable, and in reaction, Australia's government initially covered up. HMAS Sydney (D48) war ein nach der australischen Stadt Sydney benannter Leichter Kreuzer der Royal Australian Navy.Sie war einer von insgesamt drei modifizierten Kreuzern der Leander-Klasse, die für die Royal Navy gebaut und Ende der 1930er Jahre an die australische Marine übergeben wurden. Die Sydney sank 1941 im Zweiten Weltkrieg nach einem Gefecht mit dem deutschen Hilfskreuzer Kormoran.

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